The New Normal Zine

Really excited to finally be done with my first zine, The New Normal, a collaboration with my partner Max Huppert. This project was meant to serve as a response to the sudden rise in hate speech and emboldening of white supremacy directly following the election. We started it right as Trump was taking office, and it really feels like a time capsule from those first few months. It can be tough to read, but also the perfect motivation as we inch closer to midterm elections. It’s full of submissions by friends and strangers alike, which I love, and features illustrations, poetry, and essays.

 This zine was also the first thing we printed on our risograph, and it was truly a learning experience. I’m looking forward to printing more. 

You can see more of the zine and purchase one by visiting our instagram, @oversizedteepress. All proceeds will go to the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and the Immigrant Defense Project. 

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